It’s amazing how global organizations have embraced voice search to optimize their digital marketing and SEO strategies.

Indeed, a credible marketing statistic involving the use of voice search for the last five years had predicted that by 2020, 50% of the total searches would be voice search, a forecast we can accept has been fairly accurate.

Since 2014, there has been significant growth in the use of voice search, and Statista shows that by 2024, over 50% of global internet uses will have embraced the use of voice search. Certainly, this is a green light for your business to start adopting voice search in optimizing your website content.

If you are looking forward to having your site ranked among the top in Google’s web page search and bagging a significant share of internet users, you have nothing to excuse but embrace it.

The use of voice search is growing exponentially, and hence it’s high time your business starts embracing this amazing new search techno. Today, there is a wide acceptance of voice search devices like the Google Assistance iPhone (Siri), Google Home, Google Assistance Android phones, Amazon Echo (Alexa), and Microsoft Cortana. Besides, there is a quick change in consumer preference from text search to voice search, which is a good reason for your business to upgrade to voice search. For your information, the key scientific factors propelling the consumer behavior to shift to voice search from text search including but not limited to:

Convenience. For instance, voice search allows the user to input data at 50 words per minute compared to 40 words when text searching.

Ability to use natural language when searching. Voice search allows the user to use a natural language when searching for content online instead of texting a string of specific keywords.

Excellent user experience in terms of sharp and relevant results instead of a cluster of several links, each with varying content.

Support for Multi-tasking. Yes, it’s the user’s voice searching as opposed to typing the search content. This means that the user can comfortably search for a nearby fueling station or restaurant while driving or searching for a recipe while chopping onions.

So, how does voice searching impact a site’s SEO Ranking better than text searching? Why voice search is the future for SEO?

With voice search, being ranked among the first page isn’t enough; your website must be on the top. Note that voice search users will only get the content of the number one website instead of looking for certain website content. By introducing voice search, the voice search engine will impact the keywords needed in your site, what is needed to optimize your site and what are the key factors that you must focus on your site to be ranked at the top.

Here are a few tips on how you can optimize your website voice search.

Identify the primary purpose for voice searching.

What motivated the user to look for this particular content? What are their expectation and end goals of the search? For instance, approximately 40% of adults and 42 % of teens in the US ask for directions. This information alone can tell you that you need to register your business on Google My Business so that anyone can find your business location with convenience. Indeed, let your website show the correct business address, telephone numbers, directory listings, and other contact details. Once you understand why people are searching using the voice search feature, you will have a humble time focusing your efforts to have your business ranked at the top.

Make sure that your website can load seamlessly and quickly.

As mentioned above, people prefer voice search over text search because of its convenience. Yes, a busy person may not have enough time to type a search query, and hence they need something very convenient. Indeed, voice search is the most convenient search query today. Besides, ensure your websites can load very quickly as Google picks those websites loading very quickly. There are various tricks you can boost your website to load faster. They include;

  • Make use of website caching.
  • Make sure your website files are compressed.
  • Ensure to optimize images on your site
  • Minimize the frequency of redirects on your website
  • Reduce your hosting server response time.

Emphasize on local searches.

Approximately 25% of voice search users are interested in locally-based content, which means that accurate geotagging must have on your site. Besides, focus on question-oriented queries as well as updating your Google My Business.

Ensure your website has a mobile and a user-friendly interface. Note that over 60% of smartphone users have attempted to use their voice search app in the last 12 months. It’s therefore very critical to optimize your site for mobile users, whether you are trying to boost your voice search ranking or not.

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